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Trading firms occupy a variety of highly specialised niches within the financial services industry. Leading and highly profitable traders are most often very well looked after by their existing employers, and rarely actively on the job market. This means the hiring environment has become increasingly competitive across a relatively niche pool of talent covering index arbitrage, statistical arbitrage, merger arbitrage, volatility arbitrage or global macro trading.

Because of this, using a search partner that comprehensively understands the trading candidate market in depth is vital when it comes to hiring. Investment management partners works with trading businesses in order to support growth and strategic hiring. We hire across all functions, from key front office professionals to senior operational staff and team build outs.

Recently Completed Assignments

  • Quant researcher - US proprietary trading house
  • Senior Trader, Options Market Making - New York based trading firm
  • Trader, Equity Derivatives – New York based trading firm
  • COO - European trading firm
  • Senior trader - High frequency market maker
  • CFO - High frequency market maker
  • Head of Quantitative Research - Asian focussed proprietary trading firm

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