• Quantitative / Systematic funds
    Quantitative / Systematic funds

Quantitative / Systematic funds

As the fastest growing subsector in the investments industry, firms with quantitative strategies are growing at an unprecedented rate, with many new entrants entering the market each year. Additionally, traditionally non-quantitative investment firms are increasingly wishing to utilise technological advancements in AI and data sciences in order to retain a competitive edge.

One of the major hiring challenges that quantitative investment firms face is winning interest from the most intellectually gifted employees against competition from other firms. Hiring in this market means facing competition not only from other quantitative investment firms, but also investment banks, top academic institutions and technology companies.

Investment Management Partners has an extensive network of specialised quantitative professionals, from research analysts, quantitative portfolio managers and systematic traders, to senior non-investment staff with expertise working in quantitative strategies.

Recently Completed Assignments

  • Head of Finance – Systematic trading business
  • Senior Quantitative Researcher - High frequency quantitative hedge fund
  • Head of Quantitative Research - Large international quantitative hedge fund
  • Senior Quantitative Researcher - Relative Value quantitative hedge fund
  • Head of Marketing - European “robo advisor”
  • Finance Director - Quantitative business arm of large investment firm

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