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The hedge fund industry has grown vastly in complexity over the last decade so it's important that you use hedge fund recruiters who understand and specialise in hedge fund executive search. The volume and variety of new, innovative sub-strategies ensure that the sector is constantly evolving and adapting to both new market conditions and technological developments. At the same time, the market is more competitive than ever before for securing investor interest.

In order to facilitate strategic growth, and maintain their competitive edge, it is critical for hedge funds to use hedge fund recruiters that understands the industry comprehensively. Investment management partners has built its reputation on offering hiring expertise to the hedge fund management industry. We're hedge fund recruiters who work with hedge funds across all strategies including equity long-short, event driven, merger arbitrage, macro, fund of hedge funds and emerging market equity; mapping their industry subsector and identifying key individuals to facilitate the growth of their business.

Recently Completed Assignments

  • Head of Equity Research, global multi-strategy business
  • CIO, Large US/UK Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund
  • Portfolio Manager, Boutique UK Hedge Fund
  • Portfolio Manager Long-only equity, US/UK Hedge Fund
  • CFO/COO, Fund of Hedge Funds
  • Director - Fundraising, US Hedge Fund, Equity
  • Head of Market Risk, Start-up European Hedge Fund

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