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The asset management industry currently faces myriad changes, from increasing operational costs and clients increasing preference for low cost funds, to regulatory pressures. It's imporant to use asset management recruiters with the right expertise and experience in asset management executive search. Competition for investors is intense, with many firms fighting to win over a new generation of retail investors. Increasingly top firms are looking to advancing technology in order to maintain a competitive edge on their peers, utilising quantitative/systematic methods more readily than ever before.

In order to meet these challenges, hiring the right people continues to be a top priority for asset management recruiters specialising in executive search.

We offer asset management recruitment and work with both large international asset managers and asset management boutiques to deliver on both individual hiring mandates and strategic grow initiatives. We hire across the board from senior investment staff, to finance/operations, risk and investor relations.

Recently Completed Assignments

  • Head of Distribution - Large UK retail asset manager
  • Managing Director, Equity Research - Large global asset manager
  • Head of FICC Portfolio Management - UK asset manager
  • Marketing Manager - Large global asset manager
  • COO/CFO – Boutique European asset manager
  • Head of Research – Large US asset manager

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